Mainly Cares

Mainly Cares

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This is not a server plan. This is an addon feature for server plans. 

Pricing is for lifetime of your server. 

A comprehensive streamlined approach to Windows OS resource management.

When Mainly Servers delivers your server, the Operating System comes ready to use, configured by us to give the user the best setup pre-boot.

Once the server is online and running, often times programs installed by the user in combination with default features of Windows, Chrome, etc. can start to limit proper resource usage by the OS.

Mainly Cares seeks to offer you an affordable means to ensure you are using your server's resources to their full potential. The service is an ongoing upkeep and maintenance program for your server. As software in our industry is constantly changing, so must our approach to resource management at the OS level.

In brief summary, Mainly Cares converts the default Windows processes and features that are meant to be used in a day-to-day default setting, to an environment best used specifically for sneaker botting.